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Tax Information for Individuals

Individual and business taxpayers will no longer receive paper income tax packages in the mail from the IRS.

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Get the most common IRS question answered... Where's My Refund? Secure access anytime from anywhere.

Understanding Your IRS Notice or Letter
We realize that receiving a notice or letter from the IRS can be unnerving, but if you follow these simple steps, the process to resolving the discrepancy should be straight forward.

Filing Late and/or Paying Late
Before you decide not to file your tax return on time or not pay all of your taxes when they are due, consider this.

IRS Withholding Calculator
This easy-to-use calculator can help you figure your Federal income tax withholding so your employer can withhold the correct amount from your pay. This is particularly helpful if you've had too much or too little withheld in the past, your situation has changed, or you are starting a new job.

Highlights of Recent Tax Changes
Check here for articles on newly-enacted tax law and other changes that will be reflected in future versions of the tax products.

Online Payment Agreement Application
The Online Payment Agreement is an interactive tool. Use the OPA to apply and receive online approval for a short-term extension of time to pay or a monthly installment agreement.

Check Carefully Before Applying for Offers in Compromise
IR-2004-130 — Don't fall for promoters' promises - taxpayers must meet requirements for an offer in compromise.

Collection Financial Standards
Collection Financial Standards are used by the IRS to help determine a taxpayer's ability to pay a delinquent tax liability.

Identity Theft and Your Tax Records
The IRS does not initiate communication with taxpayers through e-mail. Before identity theft happens, safeguard your information.

The “What Ifs” of an Economic Downturn
Here are some “What if” scenarios and the possible tax impact.

Tax Center to Assist Unemployed Taxpayers
The Internal Revenue Service recognizes that many people may be having difficult times financially. There can be a tax impact to events such as job loss, debt forgiveness or tapping a retirement fund.

Need a Copy of Your Tax Return Information?
You have two easy and convenient options for getting copies of your federal tax return information -- tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts -- by phone or by mail.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
ITIN is a tax processing number that became available July 1, 1996, for certain nonresident and resident aliens, their spouse and dependents. The ITIN is only available to individuals who cannot get a social security number (SSN).

Filing and Payments
The IRS is making it easier than ever for you to conduct business with us electronically.

EITC Home Page--It’s easier than ever to find out if you qualify for EITC
Earned Income Tax Credit also known as EITC or EIC is a tax credit for people who have low to moderate earned income. The earned income can be from working for your employer, yourself or from other sources such as certain disability income.

First-Time Homebuyer Credit
You may be eligible for the credit, whether you're buying your first home or a replacement principal residence. The options are different depending on the purchase date of the home.

Mortgage Workouts, Now Tax-Free for Many Homeowners; Claim Relief on Newly-Revised IRS Form
IR-2008-17, Feb. 12, 2008 — Homeowners whose mortgage debt was partly or entirely forgiven during 2007 may be able to claim special tax relief by filling out newly-revised Form 982 and attaching it to their 2007 federal income tax return, according to the IRS.

Become an IRS Partner to Help in Your Community
Thousands of organizations nationwide are partnering with IRS to make a difference in their communities. We invite you to join our partner network to provide your employees, organization or community members tax information and assistance they need, want and value.

The Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) Program
The Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) is a unique program that pays 80% of qualified health insurance premiums for eligible individuals and their family members. Find out if you're eligible for this valuable tax credit, and how you can receive it.

Publication 17
The only tax guide most individuals need.

Main Index of Tax Topics
These Tax Topics contain general individual and business tax information.

Tax Trails - Main Menu
Choose this interactive journey to help answer your questions on deductions and exclusions, tax credits and taxable income or other tax topics of immediate concern to you.

Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA)
The Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA) is a new resource that provides consistent answers to a limited number of tax law questions using a probe and response process. The ITA will guide you to accurate answers that are not readily addressed through simple Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Did you know that there are events in life that may have a significant tax impact?
Many times we experience significant life events that have a tax impact too! This page is designed to help you while explaining to taxpayers the tax impact of these events.

Tax Information for Members of the U.S. Armed Forces
Members of the U.S. Armed Forces, especially those serving in combat zones, face some special tax situations and are entitled to some special tax benefits.

Tax Information for Innocent Spouses
Check here for all you need to know about Innocent Spouse including determining your eligibility, identifying the types of relief available, applying for relief, addressing your questions and so much more.

Tax Relief in Disaster Situations
Find information on the most recent tax relief provisions for taxpayers affected by disaster situations.

Tax Incentives for Higher Education
The tax code provides a variety of tax incentives for families who are saving for, or already paying, higher education costs or are repaying student loans.

Taxpayer Rights
This is your one-stop shop for taxpayer rights information.

How to Contact the IRS
The IRS is a big organization. To serve you best, we have established several contact points, tailored to serve specific purposes.