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Reasons to Outsouce


There are many good reasons to hire a bookkeeper. A bookkeeper takes all of your invoices, receipts, and other financial paperwork, and then analyzes the data, condensing it down to just a few short reports. These reports can help you monitor your business's progress and growth, show real profits or losses, and can aid you in planning the future of your company.

So, why don’t entrepreneurs hire a bookkeeper? We believe that it is mainly because of two reasons: lack of time and a fear they can’t afford a bookkeeper. Many business owners plan to do their books themselves, but never find the time to devote to doing it right. So good intentions end up being a pile of messy papers!

Outsourcing enables the business owner to focus on running their business:  Accounting Wiz will:

-          Get you up and running on business accounting software

-          Set up your vendors, customers and a customized chart of accounts

-          Create easy to run financial reports

-          Manage your payroll through a reliable service provider

-          Ensure that statutory filing requirements are met, including federal and state tax returns, W-2’s and 1099’s

Outsourcing is cost effective.  Accounting Wiz will:

-          Work only when you need us.  Why pay salary, payroll taxes and benefits when you can outsource the work to an expert for a few hours a week or a month?

-          Keep your books up to date, so you will need less of your outside CPA’s time for taxes and audits.

Outsourcing can protect confidential information about your business:  Accounting Wiz will:

-          Process your payroll so that employee salaries and personal information are kept private

-          Ensure that financial records and reports are kept confidential

-          Provide a segregation of duties, so that one person is not responsible for conflicting functions