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 Accounting and Bookkeeping Services


There are many good reasons to hire a bookkeeper. A bookkeeper takes all of your invoices, receipts, and other financial paperwork, and then analyzes the data, condensing it down to just a few short reports. These reports can help you monitor your business's progress and growth, show real  Accounting Servicesprofits or losses, and can aid you in planning the future of your company.

Monthly Financial Reporting

We facilitate the CPA annual review process and reduce the effort required.  We will reconcile your bank accounts and credit card statements, and provide you with key financial reports that will tell you exactly how your business is doing.  These reports are clear and easy to read.

Our monthly statements include:

  • Balance Sheet - Lists the association’s assets, and how they are allocated amongst liabilities and fund balances
  • YTD Monthly Expense Report - Lists all income and expenses, and is useful in spotting trends preparing the budget for next year
  • Monthly Billing & Accounts Receivable - We provide clear information to the directors and managers of the association.  We offer lockbox services and monthly billing statements, as well as direct debit Auto Pay service.
  • Income & Expense to Budget Comparisons - Compares income and expenses to the association’s monthly and year-to-date budget
  • Cumulative Ledger Listing - Provides all transactions for the year to date
  • Income (Profit & Loss) Statement
  • Bank Reconciliation Worksheet
  • Annually, we also prepare and file your association’s 1099 tax forms.